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Con 10 € haces que puedan ser atendidas 10 peticiones de ayuda relacionadas con violencia (abusos, acoso escolar, maltrato)




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With your donation we will be able to attend more cases and reach every corner of Spain.

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With your donation we will be able to attend more cases and reach every corner of Spain.

One-off donations represent a very valuable contribution

  • This provides us with additional resources to strengthen the ANAR Helplines throughout Spain.
  • We are at the cutting-edge in offering an immediate response to all types of problem faced by children and teenagers, such as bullying at school, gender violence, domestic abuse, depression…

Other forms of collaboration


If you prefer to make a transfer, you can do it to this account number:

CAIXABANK ES45 2100 0600 8002 0405 7242
SANTANDER ES15 0049 1828 2128 1016 8787




You can make your donation through Bizum with the following code:

02416 ANAR

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Discover the difference your contribution makes:

With 10 €/month

10 requests for help related to violence (abuse, bullying, mistreatment) can be answered.

With 20 €/month

our counselors will be able to provide solutions to serious cases, and this often means saving the lives of minors.

With 40 €/month

you help 10 children or adolescents and their families to find guidance and support from our legal and social team.

“I really wanted to die and harm myself when I called you. And then I thought better of it… I’ve realised that there is someone to help me at these times. Thank you so much”.

Self-harm, Mayka, aged 17
*The personal account is genuine, but we have changed the name and some non-essential details to protect the identity of the person who contacted us, so they cannot be recognised.

Did you know that when you contribute to the ANAR Foundation up to 80% of all your donations are tax deductible?

Deduction in total tax liability (Limit 10% of net taxable income)
Si donas un importe hasta 80% deducible 80% deducible 150 € 150 € A 35% 40%* Si el importe es superior a B *Cuando en el ejercicio y en los dos anteriores se haya donado un importe igual o superior a la misma entidad
See additional deductions in certain Autonomous Communities