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Con 10 € haces que puedan ser atendidas 10 peticiones de ayuda relacionadas con violencia (abusos, acoso escolar, maltrato)




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Being a member of ANAR changes lives. JOIN, register as a MEMBER


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Being a member of ANAR changes lives. JOIN, register as a MEMBER


Being a partner means improving the lives of children and adolescents.

  • Defending the right to a safe and protected childhood and adolescence.
  • Giving a voice to youngsters suffering situations of abandonment or injustice, and achieving progress towards their protection.
  • Alleviating suffering and offering support and guidance to the people close to a child or teenager who is suffering or is at risk.

Other ways to collaborate

Bank transfer

If you prefer to make a transfer, you can do it to this account number:

CAIXABANK ES45 2100 0600 8002 0405 7242
SANTANDER ES15 0049 1828 2128 1016 8787


You can make your donation through Bizum with the following code:

02416 ANAR

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Discover the difference your contribution makes:

With 10 €/month

you allow us to handle 10 requests for help connected with violence (abuse, bullying, maltreatment).


With 20 €/month

our counsellors can resolve 2 serious cases, which often means saving a youngster’s life


With 40 €/mes

you help 10 children or teenagers and their families receive guidance and support from our legal and/or social team.

“Once again, thank you so much. The support and speed are remarkable, and at times like this we really appreciate that. I am quite convinced there is always someone good in the world, and that is what you are.”

Tamara, 16 years old
*The personal account is genuine, but we have changed the name and some non-essential details to protect the identity of the person who contacted us, so they cannot be recognised.

Did you know that you can recover up to 80% of your donations?

Deduction in total tax liability (Limit 10% of net taxable income)
Si donas un importe hasta 80% deducible 80% deducible 150 € 150 € A 35% 40%* Si el importe es superior a B *Cuando en el ejercicio y en los dos anteriores se haya donado un importe igual o superior a la misma entidad
See additional deductions in certain Autonomous Communities