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Con 10 € haces que puedan ser atendidas 10 peticiones de ayuda relacionadas con violencia (abusos, acoso escolar, maltrato)




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When YOU donate, we can:

Have more psychologists on our ANAR helplines for all of Spain

Help more families deal with problems such as bullying, depression, abuse, etc.

Reach more schools and institutes with prevention workshops.

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Wire transfer

CAIXABANK ES45 2100 0600 8002 0405 7242
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to the following code:

02416 ANAR

This is the impact your donation can have:

20 euros

They are equivalent to solving 2 requests for help from a minor, at any time of the day or night.

80 euros

It is the cost that 4 children and adolescents who need legal or social guidance can have it.

500 euros

They would save the lives of 5 children or adolescents whose lives may be in danger and require an immediate response.

«Thank you very much for helping me and accompanying me. I always speak wonderful things about you, you are the only ones who can listen to me and support me at any time.».

16 year old teenager.

*The testimony presented is real, but we have modified the name and some non-essential content to preserve the identity of the person contacting so that they cannot be recognized.

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Deduction in full installment (Limit 10% liquid base)

Si donas un importe hasta 80% deducible 80% deducible 250 € 250 € A 40% 45%* Si el importe es superior a B *Cuando en el ejercicio y en los dos anteriores se haya donado un importe igual o superior a la misma entidad

Frequent questions

When you join ANAR either as a member or a one-time donor, you change the lives of millions of children. With your contribution, ANAR manages to guarantee the promotion and defense of the rights of all children and adolescents in our country.

Most of the funds are allocated to the programs that the ANAR Foundation has in force. These programs are: ANAR Help Lines, ANAR Shelters, the Center for Studies and Research and Colleges and Institutes.

To become a member of ANAR we need you to provide us with your contact information and choose the amount you wish to contribute monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can do it through the website, by phone at 900 92 82 92 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., or by writing us an email to [email protected]

Once you register as a member you receive the following communications:

  1. Member welcome email with your contribution
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