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If you are a company


The social impact value of companies contributing to the ANAR Helplines is incalculable Not only  because every request for help that we handle makes a youngster’s life better, but also because it makes things better for all those around them: parents, siblings and friends.

Because companies are made up of people. Because every adult’s life is built on a safe, protected childhood.


Which is why we need you, companies, to continue efforts which impact on everyone: employees, customers and suppliers.

And the best thing is that this is not the only benefit, there are many more.

Discover the value of your social dedication and the benefits of contributing to the ANAR Foundation

Deduction in total quota (Limit 10% of net base)
Donación 35% deducible 40% deducible* *Cuando en el ejercicio y en los dos anteriores se haya donado un importe igual o superior a la misma entidad
See additional deductions in certain Autonomous Communities
We are agents of change. Join us in being part of the solution.

Finance or sponsor
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Whether you are an SME, a sole trader or big business, your contribution could have a huge repercussion. It all begins in childhood.


  • 5,000 euros is equivalent to handling 31 serious cases which could save the life of a child or teenager, or help in cases of missing children
  • 30,000 euros allows us to handle 2,561 requests for help
  • With 50,000 euros we can fund the cost of a counsellor, an expert who will evaluate serious cases in order to refer them as required.

Each day we receive more than 1,100 requests for help, offering an immediate response to the problems faced by our youngsters.

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