ANAR inheritance fund


The future starts today

Many people who believe that the future of any child or teenager begins with a safe and protected childhood decide to place that on record in their will.

The funds derived from bequests are assigned to approving the life of the children and teenagers who need to turn to the ANAR Helplines, as well as those around them, and also our missing children helpline.


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Because it all begins in childhood.

Including the ANAR Foundation in your will is a personal and intimate act in which you consider how you could improve other people’s lives once you are no longer around.

How can you contribute?

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Know your rights

Before making any decision, find out about the legislation that applies in your autonomous community, who your heirs are and how your inheritance is divided. If you wish we can advise you without obligation

Make a decision

Meditate on how you want to collaborate, think about what you could give to help, because any amount, no matter how small, has the capacity to change the lives of thousands of children.

Go to a notary

Writing your will is such an important process that it takes time. It is a very personal document, but it must scrupulously respect the law. Be well advised before signing it.

Confirm your legacy

Be proud, your vital effort will help us achieve a future without hunger. Share your decision with us, we want to thank you for your solidarity and ensure that your will is fulfilled.

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