What we do

Schools and institutes

The main aim of the Foundation is to publicise the ANAR Phoneline at schools, in order to:

  • Be used by students when they face any problem or situation of risk.
  • Offer support to teachers who need guidance as to how to help a child in their care.
  • Provide resources for parents’ associations in all aspects that could affect the children.

Would you like to bring one of our projects to your school?

The ANAR Foundation also offers educational prevention initiatives at schools intended for students, parents and teachers.

Given its awareness of the problems facing children and teenagers via its helplines, the Foundation offers workshops for schools addressing any issue affecting the educational community as a whole.

Sometimes we think that teenagers don’t have so many things to say. We don’t know how to listen to them. We have seen that we have to give them a hand so that you can do the rest. Thank you ANAR for making this possible”.

School teacher
*All the testimonies presented are real testimonies received on the ANAR Telephone/Chat. Likewise, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, they have been previously anonymized in order to preserve any data that could identify the caller, guaranteeing their anonymity and confidentiality.

No bullying: Support material

ANAR Foundation and Mutua Madrileña Foundation have joined forces to raise awareness among young people of the need to fight against bullying.

To this end, they have launched a comprehensive awareness program that consists of a prevention program against bullying in the classroom through talks, studies that highlight the reality of this problem and a communication campaign to involve and get commitment from young people.

One of the focuses of our work are the talks in schools. In them we indicate how to act both if you have seen and if you live a bullying situation. In the following materials, designed both for dissemination among students and teachers, we give guidelines to follow to detect and deal with bullying situations.