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Training for the ANAR helplines

Training for the ANAR helpline professionals

At the ANAR Foundation we have designed an ongoing training process for all the professionals who staff the ANAR Helplines, both the advisers on the payroll and the volunteers, work placement students and interns.

Theoretical and practical


To guarantee the utmost professionalism, it is vital that each psychology and guidance professional undergoes a theoretical and practical training process.

ANAR Phone Orientation 305 hours
The new counseling psychologist continues to work on the phone with the support and continuous supervision of the ward managers.
Practical co-listening training 45 hours
Listening and attention to your first requests for help, in order to implement each orientation protocol.
Theoretical training 30 hours
Knowledge of the different protocols of care guidance and crisis intervention in the ANAR telephone with a multidisciplinary approach (psychological, social work and legal).

Ongoing training

The ANAR Foundation has an ongoing and refresher training plan in place in order constantly to update the training of all professionals working at the legal, social, psychological and guidance services. This programme comprises case study sessions, seminars addressing specific issues, and training at team meetings.

“Thank you for letting me be part of a team that gives its all for every child who is suffering, is helped when no one else is. My satisfaction and gratitude is enormous.

Anar Foundation Volunteer

Accredited specialists

The ANAR Phoneline/Chat Psychological Guidance and Crisis Intervention course has been recognised by the Professional Association of Psychologists of Madrid since 2012.

Once the guidance psychologists have completed the 95 hours of theoretical/practical training, they are then transferred to the phoneline room. They must demonstrate 305 further hours of work on the phonelines (400 hours in total) to obtain their Diploma as “Psychological Guidance and Crisis Intervention Specialist”.