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Foster homes

The ANAR Foundation has had Foster Homes in Spain since 1970.

These are small homes, located anywhere in the town, leading a life as close as possible to that of any other family in the same neighbourhood

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a warm, welcoming home to fulfil children’s emotional, educational and personal needs.

Ultimate aim

The ultimate aim of the ANAR Homes is for youngsters to overcome their individual problems and return to their families of origin, provided that their welfare can be guaranteed. To this end our Social Work Department helps not only the children themselves but also their families. Where this is not possible, the children remain at the home until they reach the age of majority, and seek out a viable alternative to guarantee their future.

It’s sad to see the way that children reject shows of affection when they arrive at the home, because they are scared. And wonderful to see how, over time, they seek them out and eagerly receive them”.

ANAR Home Carer
*All the testimonies presented are real testimonies received on the ANAR Telephone/Chat. Likewise, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, they have been previously anonymized in order to preserve any data that could identify the caller, guaranteeing their anonymity and confidentiality.