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365 days a year
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Attended by psychologists supported by the Legal and Social Department

Staffed by professionals

The ANAR Phoneline and Chat comprises three departments working in coordination to offer youngsters the best possible guidance:


Social Department

Legal Department


Professional psychologists specialising in childhood and adolescence.

All requests for help are handled by psychologists who dedicate the time required to each request, exploring, evaluating and counselling the child in pursuit of a solution to their problem, and referring them to support from the key figures in their lives, wherever possible.

Social Department

Comprising trained social workers specialising in childhood and adolescence.

There are certain situations where the solution to a particular problem requires activation of the network of child support resources in place in the local town, region, or anywhere in Spain.

Depending on the needs raised, we use our resource guide to contact Social Services, Child Protection, Health Centres, Initial Fostering Centres, other charities, etc.

Legal Department

Comprising legal graduates, trained and specialising in childhood and adolescence.

They offer advice about the laws and rights applicable to children and teenagers, tailoring their language to the youngsters’ level of comprehension. If there is an adult available to help the child, they explain the steps to follow and the legal measures to be taken.

Where necessary, we act directly in close cooperation with the responsible authorities, such as the State Attorney for Children, Police and Civil Guard.

Levels of response to a call

ANAR response to a call/email/chat

When a youngster phones us, the ANAR team of professionals will resolve the case according to the situation raised, based on three levels:


Psychological Guidance

We offer psychological guidance and work with each youngster to resolve their problem, drawing on support from the key figures in their lives (parents, grandparents, other relatives, teachers, etc.).



If the problem cannot be resolved within the context of the child and their family, they will be given guidance and referred to the applicable social, educational, healthcare, police and/or legal resources in each case.



if no one close to them can help and there is a situation of risk or abandonment, maltreatment, sexual abuse or any other emergency situation, we pass the case on to the responsible bodies or authorities: child protection service, emergency service phoneline, law enforcement agencies, etc., and subsequently follow up the case.

The ANAR Phoneline/Chat: gateway to the Spanish protection system

The ANAR Phoneline has developed cooperation networks with all public and private bodies guaranteeing a solution to the problems affecting each youngster.

The telephone/Chat ANAR 
works in collaboration with:

Security Forces and Corps

Child protection agencies

Municipal Services

Emergency Services

Other Resources

Other European countries


Prosecutor’s Offices

Courts and Tribunals

Victim assistance offices


All our helplines offer:

  • Emotional support in crisis situations.
  • Detection of emergency situations.
  • Referral and follow-up in cases of youngsters who are at risk/abandoned, by contacting the relevant protection bodies.
  • Prevention of situations of risk.
  • Information/referral to resources specialising in children and teenagers.
  • Contribution to the process of teaching youngsters as to their rights, rules and limits.